Please see below for a list of our most commonly asked questions when it comes to Wedding Entertainment.

How big an area will the Dry Ice Machine cover ?

The Dry ice machine effect will cover quite a large area of at least 7m x 7m square. Depending on the room and the airflow we recommend that for the use of the machine most windows and doors be closed to eliminate air flow. We are able to customise each package to increase of decrease the desired size you want.

How much Dry Ice will we need ?

With all of our Dry ice packages we always suggest more is better then less. We always have enough dry ice on hand for a 7-8min effect on its slowest setting. If you want a faster quicker effect we would use the faster setting on the unit. The machine is something that cant be used continuously for hours on end as it would require kilos and kilos of dry ice and the price would not be cost effective.

Can i pick up the machine myself and operate it ?

Due to the technical & safety side of this machine we currently do not offer this machine as DIY.

Is Delivery included in the price ?

Yes. Free delivery is worked out on a 45km radius of the Sydney CBD, if you are outside of this please call our office to discuss what the delivery charge would be.

How do i choose the music for my wedding.

Unlike other companies we offer a one on one consultations as part of our services to discuss your music preferences. We are also able to send a link so you can pick all of your favourite songs online if that is easier for you. Our DJs all have years of experience so they will be able to compile a playlist that best suits you and your guests needs.

What do i need to supply the DJ with ?

Our DJ Packages all include set up and pack down along with all appropriate cables. All we require is one power point and a table.

How much room will the DJ take up ?

Depending on the package the maximum size the DJ will require is 3m wide by 2m deep.

Do you offer insurance on the AV hire ?

Insurance covers only our transport and warehouse facility. Once hired it will be at the responsibility of the hirer.

Do you offer a set up and pack down option or a technician ?

Yes of course! We don’t just dry hire our equipment, we have a dedicated team of operators as well. Give our office a call today to discuss this as an added extra.

What happens if the equipment doesn't work ?

Celebrate Entertainment has a 24 hour a day call centre and our live chat is active always. In the event this happens we will be able to get the gear swapped out in most circumstances.