Why We Decided on Having a Dry Ice Machine at Our Wedding





Why We Decided on Having a Dry Ice Machine at Our Wedding

My husband, Craig, and I were recently married in a beautiful ceremony held on the foreshore at Rose Bay. We celebrated our union, with friends and family, at a reception centre nearby. Planning the event was a 12-month intensive affair, involving extended families and best friends. I suppose having been to several weddings, of friends and peers, I based some of my decisions around my personal experiences at those events. I am sure that we all want our own weddings to be unique and special, but there are a few things that ring true for guests and bridal parties at most nuptials. One of these involved the first dance ritual between bride and groom, which is why we decided on having a dry ice machine at our wedding.

Bride & Groom Gliding Over the Cloud-Like Dance Floor

The inaugural dance is symbolic and there is a magical quality to that moment, when done well. I definitely wanted to share that special moment with friends and family. The beauty of that image of bride and groom, in all their finery, gliding over that white cloud-like fog has stayed with me for ages. After doing some research into how the effect is created, Craig and I settled on hiring a dry ice machine and operator for our very own wedding. We were really happy with the way it all panned out, with my mum sharing with me that it was one of the most beautiful things she had seen in her life. The tears were flowing and it was all captured on video camera for ever more. It was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding reception.

The Pure White Fog Stayed Low to the Dance Floor

We were so glad that we found a professional outfit for the hiring of the dry ice machine, operator and dry ice. It meant that we could relax and focus on having a good time at our wedding party. I have heard some horror stories, from other brides, about smoke machines setting off fire alarms and heaps of guests coughing. The dry ice people warned us about some of the alternative special effect technologies; and delivered a perfect result for us on the night. The pure white fog stayed low to the dance floor and lasted throughout the entire first dance ritual. We felt so lucky to be enjoying this special moment, it was like something out of a beautiful ballet, like Swan Lake. It is theatrical and, I think, that it was important to provide something this magical and visual for all of our friends and family members who attended our wedding.

The Greatest Day in the Life of a Bride

One of the other reasons why we decided on having a dry ice machine at our wedding, was to ensure that we had some great vision for our wedding video. I have, personally, seen too many ho hum wedding videos, where the venue looked shabby and the whole thing a touch banal. It is the greatest day in the life of a bride; and some professional help in producing an amazing event really adds to the success of the day . A wedding is theatre for the community of people around the bride and groom. Too often, we downplay stuff, I reckon, and are, perhaps, afraid to shine. If you cannot shine on your wedding day, when can you shine? The audiovisual backing and the ethereal wisps of fairy-like fog brought the magical into sharp focus. The music was moving and the scene was sublime, according to my mum, and we could not have wished for a better day and night.

Don’t Be Afraid to Shine!

Don’t be afraid to shine! If there is one pearl of wisdom that I could share with a bride to be, it is that. Craig and I loved our special day and were both glad that we did not stint on anything. You do not want to look back on your wedding day and think, I wish I had of done things differently. You are the focus for all your loved ones and kin. Be the main attraction and enjoy yourselves. Walk on clouds and be the fairy queen and king. Dance like Dancing with the Stars at your wedding. It is the culmination of all your hopes and aspirations. Don’t be afraid to shine. Love it and everybody will lap it up. When the dry ice machine hire people asked me to write this blog about my wedding, I thought to myself, what am I going to say? At the time, it all seemed a beautiful blur, but later, when I really thought about it, I remembered that dry ice machine fog and dancing with my beloved before our guests. It was pure magic and it felt divine. I can still feel those tingly goose bumps now, just thinking about it.

Chantelle Blenkinsop