There will not be a dry eye in the house when the bridal couple take the floor for the first dance, floating above clouds of heavenly fog. As they glide across the dance floor to the sounds of their chosen song or tune, the ethereal wisps of white clouds below their knees shimmer in the lights. Weddings are ritualised theatre, where the participants make public their vows to love each other faithfully from now on. Friends and family gather together to witness these declarations and time-honoured rituals. The wedding first dance is extra special with dry ice, as its effects heighten the magic felt by everyone in the room. Hand fasting under bridal arches entwined with spring flowers. Rings exchanged to signify the binding vows of the couple. The wedding photos and video. Cutting the wedding cake and all those, hopefully, funny speeches. The wedding cars in convoy, escorting the bride and party to the church or place of ceremony. These are all symbols and rituals to mark the wedding in the eyes of the bride and groom, the families, and the community.

The Dry Ice Machine Performs Reliably & Consistently

For those who hardly dabble in special effects during the greater part of their lives, it pays to heed these few words of advice. The dry ice machine performs reliably and consistently to ensure that the magic does not overwhelm the event. Your wedding first dance will be extra special with dry ice but will not adversely affect the health and wellbeing of your guests. This is because the fog hugs the floor and will not rise to irritate noses, eyes and airways. Dry ice is the natural way to create these desirable special effects. Dry ice is the safe alternative; and it will not set off fire alarms like smoke machines, often, do. Rest assured your wedding reception will not be interrupted by members of the fire brigade escorting your guests out of the venue.

Special Effects Last Longer

The dancing on a cloud effect lasts longer with a dry ice machine versus a smoke machine. Your first dance will be mesmerising for its entirety, with a thick white fog hugging the floor. Princess and prince twirling gracefully through a scene from an enchanted fairy land feast, picture it now in your mind’s eye. The music, the lights and the magical scene before you, as the couple dance their first dance together as man and woman, as husband and wife. The cameras will be clicking and the video rolling, it will be like a night at a royal wedding or the Academy Awards. Red carpets and shimmering chandeliers. The dry ice machine playing its part reliably and consistently, making that wedding first dance extra special.

A Few Dry Ice Tips

A fairy tale romance deserves a fairy tale wedding and the dry ice machine plays an integral part in that equation. To assist its performance, you can do a few things to enhance its stunning effect. Firstly, turning off the air conditioning 5 minutes prior to the first dance to help the fog form a thick layer upon the dance floor.  Air conditioning is designed to push air up and this makes the dry ice machine’s job harder. Clearing the dance floor of guests in preparation for the first dance, also, ensures that the set is ready for the main attraction. The anticipation builds in the room, as the magical white clouds thicken. Photographers can take their place to capture the enchanting first dance. The dry ice machine makes magic right before your eyes and, then, the music begins…